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How it Works.

1. Before booking make sure you have the shipper's and receivers details with the full address and telephone contact details.

2. Click on BOOK ONLINE and choose sea booking or air booking depending on your type of shipment. Please fill in the form with all required details and click submit.

3. One of our Freight advisors will contact you to process your booking.

Air Freight Booking.

Q. I want to make a booking for an air shipment, what do I need to do?
A. Please view the how it works section above.

Q. What am I not allowed to send for air freight shipments?
A. Please view the list of restricted items.

Q. I cannot bring my shipment to your warehouse can you collect my cargo?
A. We can collect your shipment at an additional cost. Prices vary from area to area.

Q. Do you provide wrapping and boxes?
A. We can provide wrapping and boxes, but please note there is an additional charge for these materials. To find out prices call our officer on 0161 882 0666.

Q. How long does it usually take for a shipment to arrive after collection from the UK to destination?
A. If the collection point is out of Manchester, then it usually takes 2 days to arrive to our warehouse. After arrival we book on the same day and deliver. Air freight takes usually 3-5 days to arrive at international destinations. Europe takes 1-3 days.

Q. How do I collect my shipment when it arrives at destination?
A. When we book your shipment a Master Airway Bill policy is produced. If you want the original you can pick up from our officer, but it is not essential to have an original. For your convienence we scan the original and send by email, so you can print to collect your goods.

Q. If I am unable to collect the shipment can a member of family or a friend collect the shipment for me?
A. Yes. You can have a member of family or friend as the consignee.

Q. Is there a custom clearance charge when my shipment arrives at the airport?
A. Please view our section on custom clearance.

Sea Freight Booking.

Q. What is a 20FT and a 40FT Container?
A. A 20FT container is 6 meters in length and is the standard container for shipping by sea. The 40FT is twice the size at 12M in length and is usally used for commercial shipments.

Q. I want to book a container what do I do?
A. Please view above section on how it works.

Q. After I make a booking what happens next?
A. After your booking is confirmed we will inform you by telephone or email. Depending on your shipment you should prepare the site for the truck that has the container on the load. Please be advised that all containers are on the truck and they are not put on the ground. On the point of arrival of the truck on the site you have 3 Hrs to load the container. After that there is a penalty for the truck over staying, which customer is liable to pay.

Q. I have loaded the container what happens next?
A. Once you load your container please mail Express Cargo with the container and seal number with clear instructions on who will be the shipper and the consignee. These details must include the full address and telephone details and email. Once we receive that we will provide you with a draft bill of lading, which is the legal document for your shipment that will be used to clear container to destination. Please be advised that any changes after printing will incur extra charges. Please view our Bill of Approval guide lines. Once you approve the bill of lading you can have telex release, which is a paperless bill of lading that is printed for you to take.

Q. When I send a container is the custom clearance included?
A. We only provide port to port service and the custom clearance guide for more details.

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